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Blocked drains can be a real worry and can sometimes end up with a big repair and clean up bill if it isn’t taken care of by a professional team like

JD Drains Reading.


Here at JD Group we are committed to providing a fast and efficient service at a reasonable price, all with minimal fuss.



Blocked drains can be identified by smells coming from sink holes or water taking longer to drain away.


Toilets seeming to overflow when flushed or groaning noises from drains or pipework can also indicate a blocked drain.


If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms please call without delay!


Health and Safety issues arising from blocked and especially overflowing drains are fairly obvious but they must be addressed immediately to avoid any further problems arising.


Some overflowing drains can lead to prosecution if contamination or pollution of water courses occurs


(i.e. ponds, rivers, balancing ponds, etc).


Building or property damage can also occur if overflowing drains allow water into a property or its foundations or surroundings, which in turn will likely lead to costly repair bills.


JD Group are the answer to your drain unblocking needs! Give us a call or email today! No drain is too big or too small!

If you’re experiencing high water levels in your toilet, or you have a blocked sink in Wokingham, then it’s very likely that you have a blockage in your drains. Blocked sinks and toilets need to be cleared as soon as possible before the issue escalates and your drainage systems begin to overflow, its therefore important you use professional drainage engineers who can unlock your drains in a matter of minutes. Unblocking drains can often be a very messy job and without locating the blockage and using the correct equipment, restoring your drains back to their full capacity can prove very difficult.

At JD Drains we offer an unbeatable drain unblocking service in Wokingham and Berkshire. Our fully qualified and experienced engineers will respond as quickly as possible and there is no call out charge. All of our vans are equipped with high-power water jetting equipment that can clear even the most stubborn blockages in domestic and industrial drains.

Our professional engineers will locate the blockage in any blocked drains in Wokingham and clear it in a time efficient and cost effective manner. We guarantee to clear every blockage using the most cost effective solution for our customers.

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Blocked Drains & sinks cleared fast in Reading & Berkshire

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