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Drainage systems are vulnerable to tree root ingress through pipe joints or especially through fractured or broken pipework. The tree root may have even breached the pipework itself!

Tree roots often break into the pipework of drainage systems to get the water/nutrients inside. Once inside, the tree roots will quickly spread and grow inside the pipe causing the pipework to lose integrity and break as the roots grow and expand. They not only block the pipe but also, if left long enough can destroy the pipe entirely!

In severe cases where the pipework or joints have  been broken or fractured by the expansion of root growth, the most likely repair will involve excavation of the area to gain access to the pipework so it can be removed and replaced.

If the root growth has not caused major damage to the pipework or joints, there are root cutting and removal options available which don’t require excavation to carry out.

Routine root cutting maintenance is very common on larger diameter pipework that is often found in older buildings.

The larger pipe allows more time for growth before it starts to block which offsets the cost of a full blown repair massively, it is however a routine job that will have to be done regularly as the cutters will trim the roots back to the inside bore of the pipe allowing flow, but not removing the root entirely, which allows it to grow back.

On smaller diameter domestic pipework, it is not worth carrying out root cutting procedures as the roots will grow back thicker and break the pipe in a very short space of time.

In the image shown here you can see our engineer holding a severe root mass that had been removed from a customers foul water drain. The root had completely blocked all water flow for 2 meters of 150 millimetre drain pipe

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