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When buying a home its best to be armed with the most amount of information about the property as possible. This can also mean your drains!

Although there is a range of surveys that can be carried out by the chartered surveyors  that are usually called in when buying a new home, due to many having exclusions on their official paperwork, which can include disclaimers on things that can’t be ‘seen’ or ‘easily inspected without causing damage’ your drains can be overlooked and you could be in for a nasty surprise!


Thinking Ahead


CCTV surveys are just as important for new build properties as they are for older properties, new houses may have incorrectly laid drainage, especially if the local utility company hasn’t laid the pipework themselves. Most new properties will have a guarantee to cover defects like this but its best to know about it before you’re all moved in and the garden floods!


Root Problems


Older properties may be more likely to encounter Tree Root Ingress into the drainage pipework. This can cause all kinds of drainage issues along with potentially large repair/clean up costs.

Once a root breaches a pipe, it continually grows and spreads out, allowing other roots to find their way in and before you know it! The drain is blocked! A CCTV survey from JD Drains Reading will give you in depth knowledge into your root problem and if necessary.


JD Drains Reading has a No-Dig root removal solution with our revolutionary chain cutting tool which can cut and remove roots from drain pipes, all without any digging whatsoever.


Additional Building Work or Bad Weather


If you have had building work done on your house like an extension, or you’ve had very bad weather like heavy flooding it is possible the drainage may have been disturbed or moved. Having a CCTV survey carried out on your drainage system after these kind of events is a wise move to ensure everything is up to scratch and in the right place and can function properly.

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